Restaurant Reservation App


Looking for an effective and easy to use restauraunt reservation app? Ready Text is exactly what you need! The app has amazing features that allow you both to check and to manage reservations and wait times. Your customers will certainly feel the difference and will appreciate the improvement of your services. Ready Text basically makes it a lot easier for you and your staff to keep reservations in check and to always know how many and what tables are available.

This is an amazing reservation app for restaurants that are interested in growing and in building a much closer connection to customers. Apart from that, the app gives you real time responses and a series of online reports that can help you properly assess wait times depending on the day of the week or even the time of day. This unique reservation system for restaurants is able to generate trended graphs which are a massive help not only when it comes to reservations, but to managing staff members as well.

One other great feature of the Ready Text reservation app is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to increase profits as it can be used in marketing purposes as well. Apart from sending customers the texts regarding reservations and announcing that their table is ready, you can also send them specials, deals and any special offers you might have. This certainly helps build a long lasting and closer relationship to customers, whom will be more inclined to visit the restaurant in the future.


Plan Your Staffing – Save Money

With our online reporting, you can get accurate wait times based on historical averages to learn when your true busy periods are. Save money by making sure you’re not over-staffed. Get average wait times by day of the week and trended graphs to help you manage your staff, shorten waits, and increase profits.


Keep Your Staff Meeting & Greeting

Using Ready Text, your host station will always look open and inviting. No longer will you have the “lurkers” waiting for their table. New guests will be able to easily approach your host station where your awesome staff will be able to greet them stress and hassle free. This makes for a much nicer “First Impression”.

Plan Your Staffing – Save Money

Guests turn away when they see a busy host station. “The wait is too long”, they think. With Ready Text, your guests will not have to crowd around waiting for their table. Get their cell number, then your host station will be free and welcoming to new guests. When their table is ready, just click a button on the app and a text is immediately sent.


Engage Your Patrons

Your guests feel welcome and not hassled. Your host(ess) greets them and asks for their name and phone number and tells them that we will text you as soon as their table is ready. You can also create multiple follow up texts in case they don’t immediately respond. All of the texts are 100% customizable to your restaurant and are easy to set up.