Perfect for curbside pickup and social distancing

Ready Text!

Perfect for curbside pickup,social distancing, and capacity control!

Designed for restaurants but will work for any business that needs to notify customers.  Control the number of people in your store.

With Ready Text, you text your guests when their table is ready, when their curbside pickup is ready, or when you have room for them.

Notify them instantly with a text  by just by clicking a button.

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How it Works

In these times of social distancing, we are the perfect solution!  A customer will come to your greeter/ front desk and if you don’t have space, you take their number and enter it into our platform.  Then, they can go wait in their car.  When capacity permits, you click a button and text them to let them know that you are ready for them.

Your patrons check in at your host station or front door where their information is added into your Ready Text dashboard.  Then, when their table is ready or you have room for them, you click a button and they are notified via text.

  • Open Ready Text on your favorite device’s browser
  • When guests check in, you add them by phone number and name
  • When their table is ready, click to text with your custom message
  • A text is sent to their phone, and reminders if they don’t show up.
  • See your entire wait list and wait time on your screen
  • Mark the customer as seated or canceled
  • Use their phone to send specials and use for marketing



Not just for restaurants – we also help:

Bowling Alleys, Dentist, Salons, Massage, Car Dealerships, Libraries, Stores, Gyms, Title Agencies, Realtors, Casinos, Offices, and the list goes on and on.

Whether it is capacity related, food or a product, when it is ready you send them a text from our platform.

Keep Your Staff Meeting & Greeting

Using Ready Text, your host station will always look open and inviting. No longer will you have the “lurkers” waiting for their table. New guests and take-out customers will be able to easily approach your host station where your awesome staff will be able to greet them stress and hassle-free. This makes for a much nicer “First Impression”.

Lose the Crowd, Not the Customers

Guests turn away when they see a busy host station. “The wait is too long”, they think. With Ready Text, your guests will not have to crowd around waiting for their table. Get their cell number, then your host station will be free and welcoming to new guests. When their table is ready, just click a button on the app and a text is immediately sent.  You can also use our system to notify customers when their take-out order is ready,

Engage Your Patrons

Your guests feel welcome and not hassled. Your host(ess) greets them and asks for their name and phone number and tells them that we will text you as soon as their table is ready. You can also create multiple follow up texts in case they don’t immediately respond. All of the texts are 100% customizable to your restaurant and are easy to set up.


$29.00 /MO

  • NO up front set up fees
  • Unlimited wait list entries
  • Completely customizable messages
  • No long-term contract
  • Easy set up
  • Immediate access

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$299.00 /annually

  • NO up front set up fees
  • Unlimited wait list entries
  • Completely customizable messages
  • No long-term contract
  • Easy set up
  • Immediate access

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