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The Best Waitlist App for Animal Shelters


You’ve never made a website this fast before.


Works like the canvas tools you’re familiar with.

Keep more of the money you earn

All-in-one platform


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No setup fees

Custom text messages

Unlimited waitlist entries

Unlimited reservations

2,500 texts per month

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Common questions

Common questions

Common questions

Do you have a FREE trial?

You bet! Just click on the link at the top of the page and you can use our platform for free. It is fully functioning, so you can "kick the tires" before you sign up.

Can I cancel anytime?

How hard is it to setup?

How hard is it to use?

Will this replace the expensive puck/pagers?

Can I use the phone numbers to market and build our business?

Do we use our phone number to text from?

Can I use a tablet, phone or computer?

How many reminders can I send?

How many texts can I send per month?